The postmark is 1928. Building was built in 1926.


What are you going to do with the church?

The first question people ask us is, “What are you going to do with the church?”

Our goal is to fix the building so that it can be used for a variety of functions.

The years took their toll on the building. We have begun to address some of the issues but there are still many more issues from top to bottom. 
If you are interested in helping us plan for the future of St Bridget’s contact us.

Before and After

There are days we need to remind ourselves where we started and where we are now. The to do list was exceptionally long….

Exterior – November 2014

November 2016

Mary – January 2015

October 2016

Living room – January 2015

April 2015

November 2016

Side exterior – Fall 2015

Fall 2016

Kitchen – January 2015

Original kitchen had 3 lower cabinets and 4 upper cabinets.

January 2016

New kitchen not only has more cabinets, it also has a peninsula.

St Bridget – March 2015

September 2016

Ideas Needed

Another hurdle has presented itself. There has to be someone out there with a solution.

The issue is how do we make the church basement accessible to all. We can’t afford an elevator. Stairs will not accommodate a lift. 

We were exploring replacing basement window on the left side of the door with exterior door. Even if we excavate the hill for a walkway the road is about 2 feet above the basement floor which means water would flow into the basement.