As the outside work progresses, It is time to focus on the inside work. After 2 years of addressing the water issues which included removing trees, removing paved driveway and 12 inches of gravel around foundation, repairing and waterproofing basement bricks, replacing the majority of the basement windows, replacing upper windows, insulating roof and installing new metal roof the building is dry inside! 

So far on the inside we have removed water and mold damage cabinets. 

Cleaned moldy folding doors in basement. 

Unfortunately all the paneling, sheetrock and insulation in the basement had to be removed due to mold and years of water damage .

The next phase  is to focus on the main level. Ceiling needs repair and the walls, trim and ceiling need to be painted. 

These beautiful 15 foot oak pews need to be sold. Do you know a church or other organization looking to purchase pews?

Do you want to own a piece of Vassalboro history? 

Do you want to help us preserve this landmark building ?

Stop by and/or contact us at rachel.kilbride at 


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