Ceiling and walls

Fall 2014

The building is finally dry.  With the trees and shrubs removed, new roof, and removal of the exterior basement staircase we can now focus on the interior. 

This window was next to exterior basement staircase. Water and snow seeped in the corner of the window. 
Over the years water made its way through the holes in the old metal roof. Ceiling and walls will now get repaired. 

The shrubs and pine tree at the front entrance caused moisture issues around these windows.



It is always interesting when former parishioners stop by to see what we are doing and to share their stories. Recently we have had a wide range of visitors.  One lady told us about coming over after school when she was about 8 years old help dust the pews during the 40’s.

Another family shared memories and how all the altar servers were related except one boy. They even sent us a picture of the group. 

St Bridget’s was a vibrant part of this community.  We look forward to the day it can do that again.