Where are the dormer windows? 

As you drive by St Bridget’s you may have noticed that the windows in the dormer have been removed.

 The windows may have served a purpose when the church was built but they could not be seen from the inside of the church. They were rotted and many of the panes of glass had been replaced.

So the peaks will have the 1/2 round shingles to match the upper shingles. 


Fall 2017

Fall finds us busy preparing for winter and working on a few projects…ceiling and walls painted in future kitchenette, windows washed (still scraping old paint off metal frames), polying former steeple cross, sewing for church fairs ( 2 different fairs) sewing sundresses to donate for mission trip,  planning some of the smaller projects like repairs to built in cabinet, replacing the last 4 basement windows and bricking one in, deciding what perennials to plant around church, finishing last of house reno’s…

Three years ago the realtor was showing us the property.  Who would know that we would consider tackling such an enormous project.