Ready for siding

Water, Rot, Safety, and

Weatherization Issues resolved in this section

  1. Driveway and 12-13 inches of gravel and another driveway removed- windows no longer 1/2 way covered with dirt
  2. Removed ramp that did not meet code
  3. Replaced basement windows
  4. Repaired bricks
  5. Rotted dormer windows removed
  6. Removed exterior basement stairs
  7. Rotted window by door removed
  8. Insulated dormer
  9. Removed shingles
  10. Insulated voids between basement ceiling and main floor
  11. Turned steps to make them safer
  12. Wrapped side with insulated foil
  13. Saved 2 good windows and removed broken window
  14. Exterior Light needed to be moved and replaced
  15. New roof

What is left!

  1. New landing for stairs and back rail
  2. Door needs adjusting
  3. Broken window sections needs to be replaced
  4. Siding
  5. Install light
  6. Landscaping
  7. Driveway – next year

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