Organ Gets Attention

The organ got some TLC today. It sounds amazing!


Upper Front Portion

The repairs have outpaced the funds. The upper section will have to wait a little longer.

In the mean time we need to make sure the building meets the ADA and Occasional Assembly Codes so that it can be rented. The railings on the front steps and ramps need to be 42 inches tall and have balusters that are no more than 4 inches apart, exterior emergency lights need to be installed and fire alarm system….

The wood trim will get a fresh coat of paint in the next few weeks.

The roofer will be finishing the back roof…then the back siding can be finished.

Siding Update

The green siding in front is nearly completed and staging will be coming down soon. The front upper section will be worked on later this summer. The yellow scallop needs to be ordered and so far there has been a lot of rotted pieces that have needed to be replaced in this section.